Zymurgorium Sweet Violet


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Submitted on 2016-02-18

I was recommended this gin by someone at a GinFestival event! Tastes just like the sweets! Gab colour, nice and sweet. Goes with lemonade rather than tonic.

Submitted on 2016-02-19

This is the most amazing gin I've had! It's like Parma violets in a bottle! Over some ice with some lemonade is how I like it but you can also have it just over ice. It's very moorish and you can't stop at just one, I just wish the bottle was bigger 😍

It's a Game Changer!
Submitted on 2016-09-12

This is an amazing gin, nice and sweet and taste's exactly like Parma Violet sweets. If you want to make a simple drink that looks the part, crush up a packet of Parma Violets to dust, dip the rim of your glass in Sugar Syrup (which you can make at home) then dip the glass in the crushed Parma Violets so you get a Purple Parma Violet frosting around the edge of the glass. Fill with Ice, Violet Gin and Lemonade. Not only does it look brilliant, it tastes awesome!

Zymurgorium Sweet Violet

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Made with sweet violets, Zymurgorium Sweet Violet Gin tastes just like the parma violet sweets of your youth.

Zymurgorium’s founder, Aaron Darke, has a real love of and fascination with all things natural and this shows in his products. Many of the ingredients and foraged for or grown by Aaron. He believes that the world’s variation and diversity of culinary experiences has waned in the past, however there is now a renaissance in people wishing to know the origins of food and to experiment.

Zymurgorium Violet has an incredible parma violet flavour with a good gin presence; it manages to avoid the tendency towards a syrup like viscosity that many gin liqueurs have. The sweet violets used to create this beautiful gin liqueur give it a sweet pastel flavour and provide a strong violet aroma.



Zymurgorium Sweet Violet