Zymurgorium's Manchester Gin

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Manchester, England


Honey and lemon


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Zymurgorium Manchester Gin

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A sumptuous and complex gin with a honey-vodka base, Zymurgorium's Manchester Gin begins with sweet, floral notes and ends with light spice.

Zymurgorium’s founder, Aaron Darke, has a real love of and fascination with all things natural and this shows in his products. Many of the ingredients are foraged for or grown by Aaron. He believes that the world’s variation and diversity of culinary experiences has waned in the past, however there is now a renaissance in people wishing to know the origins of food and to experiment.

The honey-vodka base makes Manchester Gin slightly sweet, especially on the palate, with floral notes, that develop into light spice. There is a finishing herbal touch that lingers on the palate.