Yerburgh's Jam Jar Gin

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Yerburgh's Jam Jar Gin Classic

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Yerburgh's Jam Jar Gin Classic  is a rare bottle from the original crowd-funded bottling run of this award-winning gin.

Created by Faye and Dan Thwaites juniper, raspberry leaves and 8 other botanicals. Jam Jar Gin was perfected after lots of experimenting with fruits, flowers and herbs in their victorian kitchen garden and lots of jam jars scattered around the house containing early versions of the recipe, hence, Jam Jar Gin. This is the UK’s first crowd-funded gin and has already amassed several prestigious awards.

The nose is pleasingly intense, with spice and citrus notes at the fore. The palate leads with a delicious citric burst that mellows into a long, creamy finish. Exceptionally smooth with a light spice on the finish.

The label style pictured is from the original crowd-funded batch of 984 jars, with its rather unusual label. Rare to begin with and rarer still as most of them have long since been enjoyed by their recipients.