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X Gin

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Juniper berries and no fewer than 45 botanicals come together to make X-Gin. Inspired by the ancient drink Xocolatl, each bottle comes with cocoa nibs to garnish.

The creators behind X Gin set out to revive the Aztec drink Xocolatl. Xocolatl was based on cocoa, was reserved exclusively for Kings and Queens and was said to be a powerful aphrodisiac. Obviously, this sparked their interest! But rather than try and ferment chocolate, they instead set out to master a gin that used cocoa nibs as a key botanical.

Elegant and refined, X Gin is a really innovative take on traditional gins. It has a dessert-like flavour with aromas of nuts, vanilla and cocoa. We’d serve X-Gin with a neutral tonic or even soda for best effect.

Every bottle is sold with a small container of cocoa nibs to garnish the drink.