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Willem Barentsz

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London, England

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Jasmine Flowers


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Jasmine Flowers
Submitted on 2016-10-04

Just had this in the Gin Explorer box and it's suggested garnish is Jasmine flowers. After enquiring I found that it's dried flowers that are needed. These aren't that easy to source singlely but I did know that Tea Pigs make a Jasmine Pearl tea (no tea in it, just the jasmine pearls) so I bought a box of these and had a Tea Pig infusion bag with my gin. This is not something I would have thought of with gin, I know tea versions of some gins exist (not for me as can't stand the taste of tea) but the flavour of dried jasmine does work very well in this gin. As I used the teabags it meant that the flavour of the garnish came through quite strongly towards the end (Tea Pigs usually recommend leaving their teabags to infuse for 3 minutes before drinking) and I really enjoyed this. Very different to any other gin I've tried. I've got 14 jasmine pearl teabags left so I'll probably buy this gin. Difficult to describe the flavours but quite nice and dry.

An Enjoyable Gin
Submitted on 2017-05-08

I actually quite liked this Gin. Goes very well with a floral garnish. Easy to drink and one I would recommend too.

an all rounder
Submitted on 2017-05-15

I would say the flavour profile is quite complex. But this gin is nice and dry and it makes for a great gin for anyone who is new to it. Not my favourite gin going though.

Willem Barentsz

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Willem Barentsz Premium Gin was named for a pioneering arctic explorer whose spirit was as modern and innovative as the gin itself.

Inspired by one man’s adventurous spirit, the creator’s of Willem Barentz wanted to make a gin that was as delicious as it was bold. Delicately crafted in small batches in London, Willem Barentsz uses a rare split-base gin from a combination of carefully sourced wheat and rye grains.

Taking 7 botanicals and a split wheat and rye base (bringing a crisp mouthfeel and well-rounded softness, respectively), this is a sleek and polished gin. Orange and piney citrus flavours are softened by a light cinnamon and beautifully gentle, jasmine tones.

Willem Barenstz