Vintage Gin: Plym-Gin

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Old Spirits Company

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Vintage Gin - 1980's Plym-Gin

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A vintage, sealed bottle of Plym-Gin from the 1980's. Part of our Vintage Gin Collection with Old Spirits Company. Plym-Gin is in fact the very well known (and well loved) Plymouth Gin.

Made at the Blackfriar’s Distillery by Coates & Co (now made by Pernod Ricard) this is the same Plymouth Gin that has been made in that famous building since 1793. In fact it's the oldest distillery in Britain to have operated in a single location.

But while Plymouth Gin went to the trouble of obtaining a PGI (meaning that Plymouth-style Gin can only be made in Plymouth) for many years, in much of the world, it wasn't even known as Plymouth Gin, but Plym-Gin.

Perfect for classic cocktails, Plym-Gin is fresh and junipery with a long dry finish. It has a great depth of flavour with deep earthy notes and a wonderfully fresh juniper and lemony bite. No single botanical dominates the overall flavour and the finish is long and dry. Please Note:

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