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Vintage Gin: Gordon's Special Dry London Gin

Vintage Gin - 1970's/1980's Gordon's Special Dry London Gin


Vintage Gin: Gordon's Special Dry London Gin

Bottle Size 75cl
ABV 40%
Delivery 3 to 5 working days
Brand Old Spirits Company
Distilled in UK
Garnish with Lime

Please note, the last shipping date for all Vintage Gins is 1pm Thursday 13th December. Any order made after this date will not be shipped until Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

A vintage, sealed bottle of Gordon's Special Dry London Gin from the 1970's or 80's. Part of our Vintage Gin Collection with Old Spirits Company.

The world’s most well-known gin and easily the most prominent gin brand of the 20th Century, chances are you or your parents had a bottle that looked exactly like this in a liquor cabinet at some point. The label may have changed but that little green bottle remains a gin icon.

More than just the appearance has changed, though, modern Gordon's is distilled at 37.5% whereas these vintage bottles boast a much firmer 40%, giving them a little bit more kick in your G&T. The method of juniper production has changed too but you'd need to try it side by side with a modern bottle to detect the difference. If you wanted to sample gin history in a glass, you need look no further.

Please Note: To ensure this rare product arrives safely in one piece it is subject to a £15 shipping charge.


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