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Vintage Gin: 1970's Burnett's London Dry Gin
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Vintage Gin - 1980's Burnett's London Dry Gin

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Vintage Gin: 1970's Burnett's London Dry Gin

Bottle Size 70cl
ABV 50%
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Brand Old Spirits Company

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A vintage, sealed bottle of Burnett's London Dry Gin ‘White Satin Gin’ from the 1970s. Part of our Vintage Gin Collection with Old Spirits Company.

Sir Robert Burnett's established his business in 1770, personally bottling the first batch of gin. Shortly after the production, Sir Robert Burnett's was made the Sheriff of London. A year after, he was knighted. Some claim that the gin was in fact first produced by the Mayor of London. However, Sir Robert Burnett's never went on to hold the mayoral office.

One of the first mass-produced gins to be exported to America, Burnett's London Dry Gin (more commonly known there as White Satin Gin) remained popular in the states even after it disappeared from UK shelves.

Up Until 2007 Burnett's London Dry was produced and bottled in Scotland by Whyte and Mackay. Since then it has been bottled by West-Lothian-based Broxburn bottlers.

In 2002 Burnett's London Dry Gin ‘White Satin’ was renamed after the American firm Heaven Hill purchased the production and distribution rights. Today it is simply known as Burnett's Londonn Dry Gin.

Burnett's London Dry is a true London distilled gin. Still following the exact recipe Sir Robert Burnett's created. Burnett's is made by conventional distillation of grain alcohol (barley, rye or wheat) with the addition of juniper berries and coriander, angelica root, cinnamon and lemon peel. With a rich aroma of orange and strawberry tones followed by a pure, refreshing and slightly tart flavor.

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Wonderful gin bringing back memories of the 80's - lovely to buy for that special occasion