Tinto Gift Set
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Lemon twist and 3 green cardamom


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Tinto Gift Set

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This Tinto Gift Set features a full sized bottle of fabulously sweet and sour Portuguese gin plus an engraved Tinto glass.

The shores of Valenca de Minho are a wild and bountiful area; abundant with an amazing array of plants, the creator of Tinto was heavily influenced by this untamed land and, taking all choicest products of the Mediterranean along with its calm patience, has created a marvellously distinct gin.

With an impressive 14 botanicals, Tinto Red Premium Gin is a complex gin that comes together incredibly well. Herbaceous and fruity, pear mingles with dill and lime while a slight floral note, something like a sherbet poppy, syncs with rosemary and lavender. Delicious!