Thompson's Bordelais Grape Gin

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Bordeaux, France

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Thompson's Bordelais Grape Gin

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Made from eau-de-vie distilled in Bordeaux, Thompson's Bordelais Grape Gin captures the terroir of the region in this floral and spicy gin.

Thompson's Bordelais Grape Gin is created by Simon Thompson, the self-styled “Englishman in Bordeaux.” Simon noticed that every wine region in France created eau-de-vie (water of life, or vodka basically) by distilling fermented grapes. Every region that is, except Bordeaux. Aiming to correct the omission he turned his family distilling background to producing eau-de-vie and then a range of spirits from the distillate.

Thompson's Bordelais Grape Gin is inspired by the Bordeaux region. Ugni blanc and colombar grapes are distilled to produce the base spirit then macerated with 15 botanicals including the notable additions of local vineyard peaches and even local caviar.

The end result is extremely floral. Both the grape base and peaches sing on the nose with a subtle juniper warmth behind them. This develops into into fresh citrus on the palate with subtle fruit notes and ends with a long, dry, spiced finish.