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Gin Festival in a Box Scottish Gin Collection

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Scottish Gin brands are some of the finest in the world. Try 5 of the best in our Gin Festival in a Box Scottish Gin Collection.

Scotland might be known for whisky but it also makes the majority of the world’s gin. This is the ideal collection for gin lovers who want to experience the depth and breadth of Scottish Gin and appreciate the masterful skills behind their creation.

The 5 gins included are:

Makar- 70cl 43% ABV Founded in 2014 and named for one of Glasgow’s original distilleries, Glasgow Distillery Company is the first and only gin brand to be produced in metropolitan Glasgow. Their first gin, Makar Glasgow Gin, is bright and robust with citrus notes and hints of herbaceous rosemary. Delivering a well-balanced juniper-led flavour sensation and a full rounded mouthfeel. A smooth, long finish with a hint of the rosemary and spicy black pepper.

Strathearn Oaked Highland Gin - 70cl 40% ABV Strathearn Distillery, near the village of Methven in Perthshire, is probably Scotland’s smallest whisky and gin distillery. Appropriately, Oaked Highland Gin is where whisky meets gin. Oak chips are left to infuse in the gin adding a smooth note whisky drinkers will love but keeping all the bouncy juniper notes. Hints of citrus are accented by vanilla and subtle smokiness. A golden colour helps to provide the disguise. Best drunk at room temperature and without any garnish!

Edinburgh Gin- 70cl 43% ABV Edinburgh Gin Distillery are master alchemists. As well as their stunning original London Dry they make some gin liqueurs that are astoundingly tasty creations plus some inspired gin variants for Christmas or the Seaside. They even work closely with Edinburgh University in the country's only practical distilling University course. All that innovation feeds into what is undoubtedly a sterling spirit. Edinburgh Gin leads with the tastes of mountains and heather before settling into a well balanced and crisp gin with a charmingly gingery spiciness and citrus notes.

Daffy's Gin - 70cl 43% ABV The lady on the bottle is Daffy's self-styled 'Goddess of Gin' and this spirit certainly tastes divine. A strong bodied gin, fresh and woody on the nose, Daffy’s brings forth a hint of toffee as well as a rather gentle floral fragrance. Spicy, leading to lively citrus and a healthy dash of juniper, married to a wonderful range of red, summer fruits and some light mint. This is a smooth and vibrant gin that will maybe appeal more to those with a sweet tooth.

Electric Spirit Co. Lux - 70cl 41% ABV Many A limited edition, Gin Festival exclusive, Electric Spirit Co. Lux is full of bright, orange sweetness. A small operation based in Leith, Electric Spirit Co. is rooted in a passion for spirits, and a love of design; both bottles and spirits are vibrant, modern and instantly recognisable. Taking Electric Spirit Co.’s trademark boldness, Lux is warming and bright. Ripe orange, with grape-like flavours and the soft, juiciness of dates are seamlessly blended with traditional, spiced botanicals.

The Scottish Gin Collection