The American Gin Collection

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The American Gin Collection

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America has been hugely influential in the craft gin revolution. The American Gin Collection is a great way to try 5 of the best American gins.

This gift set features the following:

  • Full sized bottles of 5 of Gin Festival's favourite American gins 
  • 2 of our iconic copa gin glasses
  • 2 bottles of Fever Tree Original Tonic

This is the ideal collection for gin lovers who want to explore the diversity and originality of quality craft American gin.

The 5 gins included are:

Aviation - 70cl 42% ABV Described by the makers as a “botanical democracy”, Aviation is a silky but dry gin with a slight sweetness that is well counterbalanced by the fabulous range of botanicals (including sarsaparilla). Famously made with violet, so you can make an Aviation cocktail without the need of creme de violet. Vanilla quickly comes through on the nose with the aroma of cedar nuts slowly following.

Dorothy Parker Gin - 70cl 44% ABV Named for the inimitable Dorothy Parker who famously only had 1 gin at a party, 2 at the most, 3 she was under the table, 4 she was under the host. This is a floral gin that never loses sight of the juniper whilst managing to maintain the identity of each of the other botanicals. The hibiscus petals and cinnamon come through gracefully on the nose and carry through to the main body where they are met by juniper, elderflower and citrus notes.

St George Botanivore - 70cl 45% ABV As close to drinking the great Californian outdoors as it is possible to achieve in a spirit. Botanivore contains a massive range of nineteen botanicals - hence the name! Each of these bring something special to the spirit without it ever becoming too busy making this a triumph of the distiller's art.

No 209 - 70cl 46% ABV In 1999 a man named Leslie Rudd was surveying his new property when he noticed “Registered Distillery 209” painted above what was being used as a barn. These words inspired him to rejuvenate the distillery and eld to the creation of No. 209 Gin, one of the finest craft gins in the world. Fragrant floral and delicate citrus notes are detectable early on the nose with a little, gentle spice. The orange continues on into the body with added warmth from cardamom and juniper and a hint of bay leaf. The warming spices become more prominent and are well balanced by a light burst of pine.

Bluecoat American Dry Gin - 70cl 47% ABV The original American Dry Gin, Bluecoat distil using a hand-hammered still in Philadelphia. They take a four grain base spirit and add their American citrus peel and varying botanicals and bottle only the smoothest, more flavourful cuts.Bluecoat begins as a sharp gin with obvious pine and citrus scents. The juniper quickly becomes more concentrated whilst the citrus element opens up into orange blossom and sherbet lemon. A deliciously sweet finish with a final hit of zesty fruit.

*Please note, the 2 glasses included in this product are the 2 limited edition glasses currently on offer. These will be added into your cart separately.