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Te Tonic Infusions Mini Pack
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Te Tonic Infusions Mini Pack

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Te Tonic Infusions Mini Pack

Brand Te Tonic Infusions

A Spanish innovation, Te Tonic Infusions is a box of 24 gin botanical teabags to infuse new flavours into your G&T. Each box comes with 6 varieties.

The perfect way to mix-up a gin that you’ve become a little too used to, these dainty little bags may be small but they are absolutely bursting with flavour. Simply leave one of the ‘teabags’ in a glass of gin for 2 to 3 minutes, to create an intensely flavoured, aromatic gin with the personal touch.

Each box contains 6 flavours (4 teabags of each flavour):

Red Passion - Red berries, hibiscus and apple. Sweet and rich, the dried berries bring out the sweetness in other botanicals. Try pairing with a classic, juniper-led gin for a softer, rounder and more aromatic drink.

Rose Jasmine - Jasmine tea, rose petals, hibiscus and apple. Light, fresh and brimming with soft floral aromas. Pair with a spiced gin to highlight each different botanical.

Yellow Citric - Lemon, cardamom and chamomile. The dry lemon combines with the soft chamomile to create an infusion that has an earthy, balanced flavour. Try in spiced gins to highlight the earthiness or classic London Drys to amplify the citrus.

Orange Energy - Orange and cinnamon. The perfume of fresh orange blossom is instantly noticeable, balanced by earthy cinnamon. A classic, festive, flavour combination that is ideal in gins with a pronounced spiciness.

Green Fresh - Cucumber, lemon verbena and cardamom. Light citrus pairs with floral cucumber and sharp cardamom for a fresh and penetrating taste. Amazing in very citrussy gins where the sharp infusion won't overpower the gin but balance it out.

White Essential - Lemon, orange, black pepper and cardamom. Sweet, sour and spicy, the various fruit botanicals combine to make a distinctly dry infusion that is very palatable in more floral gins.

No added colours, additives or preservatives.


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