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St George

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The Best 'Unique' Gin
Submitted on 2016-02-29

I've always been a fan of Gin ever since I started drinking alcohol a good 15 years ago. The past 18 months I have really been trying as many Gin's as possible to wet my palate and find my favourite. For comparison I love Sir Robin of Locksley, Rock Rose and Bathtub - All what I'd class as my easy drinking, go to Gins.. But St George's Terroir is simply the best 'unique' Gin I've come to taste. Not so unique it's no longer a Gin (Sibling springs to mind) but what makes this Gin special is the earthy taste, still full of flavour and very dry but without taking away the basic Gin botanicals you've come to love. If you've tried Monkey 47 or Forest Gin you will love Terroir even more! Perfect with Rosemary or my standard go to Lime and FeverTree Tonic. I can't recommend enough.

Hard to beat
Submitted on 2016-05-02

I went to the Portsmouth festival, last year, with 2 friends and this was our favourite of the day. The pine notes in this give it a fantastic dry flavour, set off beautifully with a Rosemary garnish. This is the tastiest gin and I am yet to find a gin I like more. Highly recommended!

St George Terroir

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St. George have over three decades at the vanguard of the American craft spirits revolution - distilling exceptional artisanal spirits with integrity. With a broad range of spirits on offer (gins, vodkas, absinthes, bourbons, single malts, rums, brandies and liqueurs) they pledge to craft quintessential spirits to delight hedonists and genius bartenders alike.

St George Terroir is a profoundly aromatic gin: pine forests and sage are immediate, layered with nuts, eucalyptus and nutmeg and a touch of lavender. An evocative and long finish.