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Special Touch Botanicals Medium Basic

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Special Touch Botanicals Medium Basic contains 4 different dried botanicals that can be used as garnish or to create your own, personal, gin flavours.

Special Touch produce a range of dried botanicals ideal for mixing-up a gin that you’ve become a little too used to. Either add the botanicals as a garnish or, for a stronger flavour, allow them to infuse in the gin for a few minutes before adding ice and tonic.

The box contains the following botanicals:

Juniper Berries - The classic gin botanical boosts the dryness and piney notes.

Hibiscus Flowers - Sweet and aromatic, they intensify the floral notes of lighter gins.

Liquorice - The unmistakable flavour of liquorice cuts through and enlivens any sweeter or spicier gin.

Cardamom -  Pungent and spicy, blends well with spicy gins.