Skully Gin Oriental Citrus


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The Netherlands

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Pink Grapefruit

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Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic


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Skully Gin Oriental Citrus

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Inspired by fragrant and exotic flavours from a journey to the Orient, the delicious Skully Gin Oriental Citrus is our February Gin of the Month*. Fantastically full of lemony Buddha’s hand with tart, citrus yuzu this gin has a lovely, crisp flavour. Treat yourself this month and get 6 tasty tonics and 2 Gin Festival glasses for free!

Skully Gin Oriental Citrus

Skully is a fantastic small batch brand, who distill and produce their tasty gins in the south of The Netherlands, using 100% pure grain. The distillers craft truly individual, fresh flavours inspired both by travels abroad and homegrown ingredients. Taking their classic London Dry Gin as a base, Oriental Citrus is made by redistilling with exotic citrus fruits, inspired by a journey to the East. Loaded with tangy botanicals including lemon grass, sweet orange, buddha’s hand, lemon, lime and yuzu fruit, this is a well balanced gin, with liquorice and vanilla adding a hint of sweetness and cardamom and orris root for a touch of spice.

There is a gorgeous burst of citrus yuzu and Buddha’s hand on the nose. This aromatic citrus leads into sharp, clean notes of lemon and grapefruit, on a palate packed with tangy flavours, including yuzu and lime, followed by fresh juniper. A balanced, refreshing and exceptionally smooth gin.

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Gin Festival Glass

What's gin and tonic without a glass? These stylish copa glasses are ideal for any "gintonic." The large bowl captures the aromas of the gin while leaving plenty of room for ice and garnish. Plus, the stem keeps your hands away from your drink, keeping it colder for longer.

*Offer ends 28/02/2018. Only available whilst stocks last.

Skully Gin Oriental Citrus