Sipsmith London Cup

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London, England

Garnish with

Top up with lemonade, serve with mint, strawberries, cucumber, orange and other fruits.


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Sipsmith London Cup

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Inspired by traditional gin cups, the Sipsmiths have created a fabulously summery Sipsmith London Cup.

Artisanal microdistillers, Sipsmith were the first to apply for a license to distil gin in London for almost 200 years. They excel at creating complex, smooth and subtle gins that have the ability to astound your palate.

Sipsmith London Cup is a delightful punch made by infusing Sipsmith London Dry Gin with a range of botanicals, including Earl Grey tea, borage and lemon verbena. Citrus and caramel burst through with strong juniper notes and well rounded bittersweet spice.

Sipsmith London Cup should be served in a similar fashion to Pimms. Top up with lemonade and garnish with mint (or borage) and fruit.