Sikkim Privee Gin Gift Set

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Sikkim Privee Gift Set

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A gorgeous gift for gin lovers, this Sikkim Privee Gift Set combines a full bottle of exquisite Sikkim gin with an elegant "copa" gin glass. This gin gift box is an exclusive limited edition and makes an ideal present for a gin lover that you love. Sikkim is home to gins like none other in the world. Prepared with a base of red tea made in the Tibetan region of Sikkim, a part of India famed for some the best teas in the world. The least populated state in India, bordering Nepal and Tibet, and a gateway on the tea roads from China. It is here that the garden where their red tea grows can be found. Using copper stills made in 1831 and an ideal distillation method with the perfect balance in the proportions of alcohol and essences they make an exciting range of gins. Sikkim Privee London Dry Gin has a gentle combination of juniper, red tea and flower essences with coriander, a touch of herbs and a soft, velvety red tea flavour.