Siderit Ginger Lime

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Distilled in

Cantabria, Spain

Garnish with

Ginger and Lime


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Siderit Ginger Lime

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Siderit Ginger Lime is a beautifully balanced gin that combines spicy, sweet and tart notes expertly.

Distillery Siderit, based in Northern Spain, has had a clear idea of its objectives since its beginning; the founders wanted to produce distillates of highest quality, with the best raw materials and the delicacy required for products capable of delighting the most demanding palates.

A combination of the 12 botanicals Siderit use for their London Dry with the addition of ginger and lime. Siderit use a rye base for their gins which creates a light spice that combines with the dominating lime and ginger flavours exceptionally well.

There is a lovely bittersweet finish supported by subtle juniper notes. Siderit compare the union of ginger and lime to that of Yin and Yang, that opposite and complementary forces of nature can be combined to reach the perfect balance.