Salcombe Point Gin

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Salcombe Distillery

Distilled in

Devon, England

Garnish with

Red Grapefruit


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Salcombe Point Gin

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Inspired by the Salcombe fruit schooners, Start Point Gin is an exceptionally smooth spirit.

Salcombe Gin is the result of two, old friends, with a love of gin, having a chat over a G&T. They had a dream to produce a fine spirit in a beautiful coastal town - Salcombe. Taking an uncompromising approach to quality and an almost obsessive attention to detail, they aim to produce exceptional hand crafted gins. They’ve also been heavily inspired by old trade routes that went through Salcombe, bringing fresh, citrus fruits, spice and herbs with them.

Distilled with 13 botanicals, Start Point Gin is smooth and well balanced. From coriander to cubeb and grapefruit, citrus is at the fore of this gin. It’s complexity comes through with subtly sweet, floral tones (from the chamomile and liquorice) as well as more savoury pine, pepper bay leaf notes. Start Point ends with a long and gentle cardamom spice finish.