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Qcumber Water

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Qcumber Water is an all-natural soft drink for adults made with cucumber and sparkling water. Ideal enjoyed on its own or combined with floral gins.

Founder Graham Carr was inspired to create Qcumber by a summer’s evening enjoying a gin with slices of crisp cucumber as garnish. He thought that cucumber as a flavour in drinks had more potential that was being realised and set out to make a brand new kind of soft drink.

Made with cucumber, gently sparkling spring water and citric acid, Qcumber is slightly sweet, slightly tart and very floral. It is quite a unique drinking experience and provides a very adult soft drink option for those that want to avoid drinks which are too sweet or harsh. It also pairs beautifully with gin, particularly those made with cucumber such as Hendricks and Two Birds.

It's only 26 calories per 100ml too, making it a lighter option than most tonics.