Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin

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Puerto De Indias

Distilled in

Cadiz, Spain

Garnish with

Strawberries and Raspberries


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Puerto De Indias Strawberry Gin

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Puerto de Indias Strawberry Gin uses strawberries from the region of Huelva in Andalusia, which are supposed to be the best of its kind in Europe.

The distillery of Puerto de Indias in Seville has been producing spirits since 1880 making it one of the oldest and most traditional distilleries in the province of Andalusia.

Described as a ‘mistake’ by the master-distiller, after a failed attempt at making a strawberry liqueur with fresh strawberries, he added the mashed strawberries to a new gin he was working on and their Strawberry Gin was born.

Puerto de Indias Strawberry gin is soft and delicate. Beginning intense aromas of strawberry and juniper on the nose, the taste of strawberry is subtle and there are delicate touches of liquorice and gentle citrus notes on the palate.