Poetic License Old Tom Gin

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Poetic License Old Tom Gin

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Don’t like tonic? Put the gin into ‘gin’ger ale. Get 2 FREE bottles of Fever-Tree Ginger Ale with every bottle of Poetic License Old Tom Gin.*

Try something different and swap your G&T for a G&G. Lots of people who don’t like G&T actually don’t like the tonic, as it is bitter. Try it with ginger ale and you’ll never look back! After all, the recommended ratio of gin to mixer is 1:4 and if 3/4 of your drink is mixer, then make sure you’re using the right one.

Poetic License Old Tom Gin

A sweet yet peppery gin from a small batch distillery based in the North East who are proud to craft wild spirits.

With the first distillery bar outside of London, Poetic License are a truly exciting new company! A small batch distillery based in Sunderland. Proud to craft wild spirits for the thinkers, doers, leaders and drinkers, they are imperfect perfectionists!

This classic recipe originating from the mid-1800s delivers a sweeter and more peppery taste than a dry gin. Aged in oak casks, this unusually woody gin is well balanced by rounded sweetness and light floral notes. A wonderful rose-gold colour, Poetic License Old Tom is a fantastic, new offering.

Fever-Tree Ginger Ale

A silky smooth beverage that makes full use of a blend of carefully sourced gingers from all around the world and soft spring water. Unencumbered by sticky sweetness, this is a light ginger ale with a touch of citrus.

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Poetic License Old Tom Gin