Nelson's Gin
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Uttoxetter, Derbyshire




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Nelson's Gin

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Nelson's Gin is light and refreshing with a very clean flavour on the palate but an exceptionally complex aftertaste.

Nelson's Gin was created at Nelson's Gin distillery and Gin School, by Neil Harrison, an experienced chef who sought to capture the most elusive quality of a good meal, ambience, in a bottle. The gin takes its name from two great inspirational figures for Neil, the British naval hero and his own father, Nelson James Harrison. Nelson's is made with the distinctive botanicals of kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass, vanilla and cinnamon.

Nelson’s Gin has an especially clean taste, attributed to the high-quality water used in its production which is naturally filtered through a reed bed. The first mouthful is distinctly dry with plenty of juniper and subtle spice from the vanilla and cinnamon. This then develops into a rounded sweetness with faintly fruity aromas. An exceptional, and very smooth, spirit.