Masons Yorkshire Gin

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Distilled in

Bedale, Yorkshire


Orange peel and Cardamom Pods


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Submitted on 2016-02-21

Loved this Gin, especially as I'm from Yorkshire but no longer live there. Tried it at the Gin Festival London. It has a very distinctive taste that is not masked by tonic.

Masons Gin Dry Yorkshire Gin

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Based in Bedale with their own juniper bushes and Harrogate spring water, Masons Gin is Yorkshire through and through. They set out to create a gin that they themselves would want to drink. They distil using the traditional London Dry Gin method in a small, copper alembic still and produce a superb, small batch, craft gin.

An incredibly smooth spirit with malty grain notes reminiscent of a white whiskey base. Coriander is mixed with piney elements alongside bright juniper and orange. The flavour then moves onto some herbal notes such as fennel and cardamom; a wonderful combination of flavours which adds a little sweetness and gives the gin a long, lingering finish.