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Makar is the Gin of Iron workers - not your Nan!
Submitted on 2016-02-18

If all the Gin's were to have a party, Makar Gin would be the type of Gin that would storm into the room, be loud and laughing and would charm all within minutes, even those tutting about etiquette would be converted.

I say this because this is the least subtle savoury Gin in as much as Gordon's juniper is highly pronounced, so is Makar's but it's what happens after that which is intriguing.

It's the Rosemary that provides the backup and takes you far away from memories of your Nan and off to standing on the edge of a Loch with a bracing wind & warming sunshine on your face.


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Active since the 19th century, the Glasgow Distillery Company has a long and fruitful history of making world class spirits with love and dedication to quality. Each of their ranges is handcrafted using only the best distilling equipment and the finest ingredients. They are thrilled to be able to present the first and only gin brand to be produced in metropolitan Glasgow.

The juniper notes give Makar a bright, robust and aromatic perfumed nose with citrus notes and hints of herbaceous rosemary. Delivering a well-balanced juniper-led flavour sensation and a full rounded mouthfeel. A smooth, long finish with a hint of the rosemary and spicy black pepper.