Mahon Gin Xoriguer Gin

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Mahon Gin Xoriguer

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Mahon Gin Xoriguer is one of only a very small number of gins with a protected geographical indication,meaning that it can only be made in Menorca.

Xoriguer traces its origins back to British sailors stationed on Menorca. Desperate for a good G & T, but unable to get any in local bars, they took to importing juniper berries and distilling their own. In this way, the fashion for gin drinking spread amongst the locals who also took up gin distilling. Eventually the Pons family would join in and give birth to what would become Xoriguer, the name coming from the windmill they used for many generations to grind wheat.

Xoriguer is dominated by fruit flavours such as grapes and orange with an abundance of juniper. Chamomile, lemon zest and almond play subtle roles while black pepper is a more prominent spicy addition.