Le Gin 1 and 9 Gin

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Le Gin 1 and 9

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Ginger Ale and Chilli Pepper


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Fab Gin
Submitted on 2016-02-18

One of my new fav.
Tested it at one of the gin festivals and was told it used to be used in the bedroom for other reasons ;0))) wink wink
Although I have not tried it in the bedroom it is indeed a very nice gin.
Will Def be buying more of this

Le Gin 1 and 9 Gin

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Bursting with flavour Le Gin 1 & 9 is a tremendous gin with a spicy bouquet; the rich, aromas generate a smooth and long lasting spiced citrus finish.

Distillerie des Terres Rouge is a long established, family business renowned for its liqueurs and its mustard. They create a fabulous range of aperitifs, crèmes and liqueurs as well as mustard and vinegars using traditional techniques and original blends. The creators of Gin 1 & 9 use wild juniper and 9 other botanicals (hence the name) in the creation of their prize gin.