Kalevala Gin

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Northern Lights Spirits

Distilled in

Kitee, Finland

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Sea Buckthorn Berries or Lime

Pairs best with

Fever-Tree Indian Tonic


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I love this Gin
Submitted on 2017-05-08

This gin is great! Would recommend trying this if you haven't done so already. Small Batch Gin from Finland, this goes really well with cranberries and a squeeze of lime juice. Always one to have in the collection.

Kalevala Gin

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Years of research, tasting and retesting and the pure, local Finnish water used in Kalevala Gin, have created a wonderfully fresh, savoury flavour.

A multicultural background, diverse interests and constant curiosity made Moritz Wüstenberg a master distiller. During frequent visits to his mother´s home in Finland he developed a keen interest in Finland and Finnish culture. For centuries the Kitee region close to the Russian/Finnish border has been (in)famous for producing spirits. A long term ambition to honour the regional tradition of distilling unique products came to life in 2015.

Named after a Finnish Epic, Kalevala Gin is a gin driven by attention to detail. It is made using organic botanicals including; raspberry leaf, rosemary, rosebud and Jerusalem artichoke along with water from their own well to create a gin which is as intriguing as it's namesake poem.

Rich juniper is immediately apparent on the nose, while rosemary and raspberry leaf combine on the palate to create a wonderfully fresh yet slightly savoury taste.


Kalevala Gin