Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin
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Distilled in

Ilulissat, Greenland

Garnish with

Slice of Orange


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Isfjord Premium Arctic Gin

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Isfjord Arctic Gin is made using water from icebergs that have broken away from the Greenland Ice Cap to make an exceptionally smooth gin.

Established in 2007, Isfjord distil a range of spirits using one of nature's best kept secrets: extremely soft and pure water taken from icebergs that have broken away naturally from the Greenland Ice Cap and into the sea in Ilulissat far north of the Polar Circle. This water helps them to create incredibly smooth drinks.

Taking soft, pure water from icebergs and 12 of the finest botanicals, Isfjord Arctic Gin is a well balanced and incredibly smooth spirit. Resinous pine makes way for citrus lemongrass and the softness of angelica while bright cardamom combines with bittersweet orange.