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Stillbay, South Africa

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Inverroche Gin Amber

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Gorgeously warming, Inverroche Gin Amber is another brilliant offering from South Africa.

Inverroche Distillery is an independent distillery nestled on the South African Coast and heavily inspired by its local flora. The name is representative of its location, with “Inver” being a reference to the convergence of Gou Kou River and the Indian Ocean, and “Roche” the French word for rock, and a nod to the limestone from which the distillery is built and many botanicals grown.

Richly coloured, Inverroche Amber Gin is a fabulously modern spirit, combining classic gin botanicals with the flora of South Africa. Using a vapour basket and a secondary infusion, Rooibos tea and tannins mingle with caramelised apple and delicate floral tones before finishing with an earthy dryness.