Hepple Gin

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Moorland Spirits Company

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Northumberland, England

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Hepple Gin

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Hepple Gin is a well rounded, juniper-forward gin that uses green juniper and 3 kinds of distillation. Working from the Hepple Estate, with its acres of beautiful land and very own juniper, the Moorland Spirit Company have created a gin that is a real revelation in taste and technique.

Passionate about high-quality ingredients, the guys behind Hepple Gin (working alongside the Juniper Project) have utilized and begun to improve upon an underappreciated resource of Hepple - juniper. With a staggering combination of three different types of distillation, Hepple Gin is something very special. Using green juniper and Douglas fir makes this an intense twist on a traditional gin but with a very creamy body. This is a fruity and earthy gin with a powerful juniper range.