Hayman's Family Reserve Gin

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Hayman's Family Reserve Gin

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Hayman Distillers is run by the oldest gin making family in England, with products and recipes dating back to 1863. Using Marjorie, a traditional 450l copper pot still, named for the owner's mother, they leave a classic range of ten botanicals to steep for a full day to allow their flavours and aromas to be thoroughly released. Hayman Distillers are thoroughly traditional and authentic.

Hayman's Family Reserve Gin reflects the style sold in the ornate 'Gin Palaces' in London and other English cities in the 1800s.There is a strong sense of coriander and pepper on the nose, and its body is smooth and rounded with enticing hints of spice and pepper. There is a mellow woodiness to this gin, presumably from the way it is aged in whiskey barrels for three weeks (in recognition of gin traditionally being sold in casks rather than bottles).