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Gin Sea


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Submitted on 2016-02-18

An acquired taste - quite floral. Best served with lemon peel & juniper berries.

Gin Sea

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Manuel Barrientos, a Spanish sommelier, launched Gin Sea back in 2012, wanting to produce a gin that truly represented Spain, specifically, Galicia.

Distilling at Manuel Acha, one of the oldest distilleries in the Basque country and in Europe, Gin Sea uses an old Hervé & Moulin pot still which has been active since 1890.

Five times distilled, Gin Sea has gentle, sweet citrus and earthy juniper on the nose, as well as a hint of lavender and a little spice. The juniper is mellowed on the palate and the sweetness more pronounced with candied ginger and chamomile making a rather pleasant appearance. Gin sea has a rather herbal, aromatic finish with noticeable thyme-flavour that balances this gin beautifully.