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Gin Mare

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Fresh Rosemary with Orange Zest

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Classic tonic


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Gin Mare - perfect for non-Gin naysayers
Submitted on 2016-02-18

Gin has been my favourite tipple for 20 years but it took 10 years to find a Gin both I and my beloved and I enjoy. He's a cynic, plus his mother and grandmother both drink Gordon's.

Gin Mare is the rarest of Gins; it changes long held prejudices and makes the definitive Bloody Mary/Mare.

It is 50/50 between juniper and herbal & olive notes. It's perfect paired with Italian food and fever tree Mediterranean tonic.

Well worth buying if you want to seem sophisticated - the packaging is gorgeous and the Gin is different enough to stand out in a crowded market.

Must also mention that you can see why it is fractionally more expensive than other Gins - the quality & smooth finish alone are worth every penny.

Refreshing Summer Beverage
Submitted on 2016-02-19

Large glass, plenty of ice, bruised basil leaves, good tonic. Wonderful.

Ode to my absent Gin Mare
Submitted on 2016-02-23

Gin Mare, why aren't you there?
You left me in my favourite chair
No matter just how hard I stare
My precious gin is now thin air

I say a silent, hopeful prayer
To reunite me with my Mare
I have the vital kitchenware
But gin is gone, I know not where

I blame my spouse, I blame my heir
If one walked in, I'd blame a bear
For I remain quite unaware
Of what's become of all that Mare

Then just before I reach despair
A memory stirs beneath my hair
The reason why I have no Mare:
I drank it all, and did not share.

Gin Mare

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Gin Mare is a thoroughly Spanish gin, bursting with the wonderful taste of the Mediterranean; rosemary, olives, thyme and basil.

The distillers have joined other Mediterranean gins around Europe in Spain, Italy and France using key botanicals to unite cultures across the sea through flavour. 

This is a very aromatic gin with an abundance of juniper and fresh coriander, savoury and fresh with fragrant herbal notes.

Gin Mare