Gin Festival in a Box - The Gin Collection
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Gin Festival in a Box - The Gin Collection

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Get the Gin Festival experience at home with Gin Festival in a Box - The Gin Collection. A gin gift set with 4 gin miniatures and an exclusive gin glass.

A perfect gift for gin lovers, this selection features 4 x 50ml miniature bottles of some of our favourite gins along with a gin glass featuring an exclusive design that is only available in Gin Festival in a Box.

Gin Festival in a Box also contains 2 Té Tonic botanical infusion "teabags," a booklet of tasting notes and a voucher for 10% off future purchases.

The gins:

Whitley Neill - 5cl 42% ABV

An exceptionally smooth gin, inspired by Africa, with rich juniper and citrus, potpourri and exotic spice. The juniper is at the forefront of this drink but never overpowers, instead sharing the palate with the full host of botanicals. A beautiful gin that finishes with a long fade of herbs, cocoa and candied lemon peels.

Pinkster - 5cl 37.5% ABV

Made with raspberries, Pinkster is deliciously dry with the juniper coming through clearly, but it is neither strong nor overpowering. Instead, the raspberries counteract its sharpness with a gentle fruity flavour. Ends with a wonderfully smooth finish.

Bombay Sapphire - 5cl 40% ABV

Bombay Sapphire London Dry Gin is a crystal clear, delicate gin with a slightly citrusy, floral nose. Beginning with light sweetness and rounded juniper, it transforms into something quite special with peppery heat and savoury notes.

Martin Miller's - 5cl 40% ABV

In Martin Miller’s eponymous gin, a sherbet orange dominates on both the nose and palate, disguising to some extent an otherwise bold, juniper character. Hints of liquorice, coriander and nutmeg linger in the background. There is a light cucumber edge and a sweetness that comes in part from the softness of the water which add to the overall complexity of the spirit.

The Glass:

A 70cl Spanish-style Gin Copa featuring an exclusive design. This highly collectable gin glass is only available in Gin Festival in a Box. The stem keeps your drink cooler for longer while the large bowl leaves plenty of room for ice.

The Teabags:

Té Tonic botanical infusion "teabags" are collections of gin botanicals housed in delicate teabgas. The perfect way to mix-up a gin that you’ve become a little too used to, these dainty little bags may be small but they are absolutely bursting with flavour. Simply leave one of the ‘teabags’ in a glass of gin for 2 to 3 minutes, to create an intensely flavoured, aromatic gin with the personal touch.

The teabags come in 2 varieties.

Passion is lightly fruity with a hint of berries.

Energy has a light cinnamon and orange flavour.