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Gin Festival in a Box International Explorer

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Go on tour with 4 very different delicious gins from 4 countries! Gin Festival in a Box International Explorer is the perfect gift for gin lovers with over £25 of gin goodies for only £19.

Find your new favourite with this Exclusive Limited Edition International Explorer and visit Norway, Portugal, Belgium and Ireland. We’ve popped in 4 Franklin & Sons Tonic Waters, 2 Te Tonic Infusion garnishes and stirrers so you have everything you need to make the perfect G&T. Treat your best gin buddies or yourself before they’re gone!

Please note: There are a very limited number of International Explorer's, once they're gone, they're gone! T&C's apply see here for details.

Bertha’s Revenge Irish Gin 5cl | 42% ABV

Garnish with Orange or Pink Grapefruit Peel | Pairs best with Light Tonic Water

Get started with Bertha’s Revenge Irish Gin, full of festive flavours, this is a gorgeously warming, spicy gin. The distillers use whey alcohol from Cork’s dairy farmers as the base, giving Bertha’s Revenge a truly individual character and it’s name - Bertha, the world's oldest cow, lived to 48! Enjoy clove and cardamom spice on the palate, followed by creamy vanilla, sweet orange and lemon and a long, spiced finish.

Gin ‘Ops 5cl | 40% ABV

Garnish with Lemon | Pairs best with Classic Tonic Water

Then travel south to Belgium and try an unusual gin with a unique flavour and sense of fun. Dedicated to its Belgian roots, Gin ‘Ops is distilled with local Poppering hops - usually found in beer. Even the name is a nod and a wink to the local Belgian accent known to drop the ‘h’ (‘Allo, ‘Allo...)! Add lemon peel and Franklin & Sons tonic for a G&T that’s distinctively different.

Gotik London Dry Gin 5cl | 40% ABV

Garnish with Rosemary | Pairs best with Classic Tonic Water

Next stop: Portugal, taste the warmth of southern Europe in Gotik London Dry Gin, an exceptionally smooth and complex flavour. This is a tasty, balanced gin full of local flavours including berries, tomatoes and a hint of spice. An amazing 21 botanicals are distilled 7 times to produce a fantastically fragrant and clean taste. The unusual combination of botanicals all make themselves known, with cinnamon and red fruits appearing first on the palate, before developing into a lightly spiced cardamom finish.

Kimerud Distilled Gin 5cl | 47% ABV

Garnish with Orange Peel | Pairs best with Light Tonic Water

Finally, journey to Norway, Kimerud Distilled Gin has a deliciously distinctive, smooth flavour, thanks to its Arctic home. The distillers created a balanced gin that pays tribute to the native Vikings. Locally hand-picked botanicals include golden root - a native plant known to have been used by the local Vikings! The cold climate means these botanicals grow slowly, leading to a rich flavour you can taste in the gin. Finally, the spirit is distilled 5 times, then pure Norwegian mountain water is added for a beautiful finish.

The ‘T’ for your G&T

4 x Tonic: 2 x Franklin & Sons Original and 2 x Natural Light Tonic Water 150ml

The lemon shines through these light and crisp tonics plus a good measure of quinine for a beautifully refreshing G&T. We’ve also popped in 4 stirrers so you can get the mix just right.

2 x Garnish: Te Tonic Orange Energy and Red Passion Infusions

These botanical teabags are a fabulous Spanish creation that infuse gorgeous new flavours into your G&T. Just leave the ‘teabag’ in your glass of gin for 2-3 mins!

Orange Energy is bursting with citrus and cinnamon. This festive, flavour combo is ideal in gins with a pronounced spiciness like Durham Gin.

Red Passion is packed full of berries with a hint of hibiscus and apple. Sweet and rich, try pairing with your Newcastle Gin for a softer, rounder and more aromatic drink.

Gin Festival In A Box International Explorer