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Gin Festival


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Gin Festival in a Box Emergency Gin and Tonic Kit



Be ready whenever gin o’clock strikes with our Gin Festival in a Box Emergency Gin and Tonic Kit! Including gin mini, glass, tonic and garnish.

Available in 6 varieties, each Gin Festival in a Box Emergency Gin and Tonic Kit contains a 5cl miniature of craft gin with a complementary tonic, a matching Gin Festival Copa Glass and a botanical jar with garnish to make sure your G&T tools are ready at a moment's notice! 

Find a golden ticket in one of our Gin Festivals in a Box to win you and a friend access to every Gin Festival for the next 12 months!

Please note: These items are not gift packed in a box.

Mahon Gin Xoriguer - 5cl 38% ABV with Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade - 200ml, Botanical Jar (​Dried Orange Peel​)

Xoriguer is dominated by fruit flavours including grape and orange with an abundance of juniper. Chamomile, lemon zest and almond play subtle roles while black pepper is a more prominent spicy addition. Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemonade and citrus peel garnish amplifies these flavours and everything that is great about this gin.

Ancient Mariner London Dry Gin - 5cl 50% ABV with Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water - 150ml can, Botanical Jar (Juniper)

This classic, juniper-heavy gin balances a crisp smoothness with a touch of pepper and spice. There is a sharp hint of citrus on the nose and a truly delicate balance of botanicals. This powerful gin pairs wonderfully with the classics - Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and juniper garnish.

Alnwick Gin - 5cl 37.5% ABV with Fentimans Ginger Beer - 125ml, Botanical Jar (​Dried Orange Peel​)

A rarity within gins, Alnwick Gin has particularly smoky tones with a gentle, peaty hue alongside more traditional gin flavours. Citrus and light floral notes comes through clearly, as does a considered amount of crisp juniper. Swap your G&T for a G&G! The Fentimans Ginger Beer and citrus peel garnish bring out the smoky and citrus ingredients.

Lill​i​ard​ Gin - 5cl 40% with Fever-Tree Premium Indian Tonic Water 200ml, Botanical Jar (Juniper)

Lilliard Gin, a spirit made from botanicals that are (as far as possible) foraged from the Teviot Valley, alongside local spring water, is clean and fresh, with delicate floral tones. This lush and gentle gin pairs wonderfully with the classics - Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water and juniper garnish.

Stirling​ Gin  - 5cl 43% with Fever-Tree ​Aromatic Tonic Water 200ml, Botanical Jar (​Dried Orange Peel​)

With a big nose and flavours, Stirling Gin has wonderful balance of sweet and savoury. The combination of orange peel and basil complement each other beautifully, creating a classic gin with a twist. Fever-Tree ​Aromatic Tonic Water draws out the savoury flavours and the orange peel garnish emphasises the sweet - perfect.​​

Addingham ​C​ranberry & Orange​ Gin - 5cl 27% with ​Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic​ 200ml, Botanical Jar (​Dried Orange Peel​)

Addingham have brought us a fabulous, exclusive, Cranberry and Orange Gin Liqueur. Soft, sweet orange is perfectly balanced by bittersweet cranberries. ​Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic and the orange peel garnish beautifully complement this liqueur, bringing out the citrus for a refreshing long drink.

Please note, We reserve the right to change, remove or replace the contents above without notice. We will make every effort to replace any item with a product of equal or greater value. While all kits come with a copa glass, it may differ from the images shown. Further T&C's apply see here for details.

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