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Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Exclusive Edition

Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Exclusive Edition

Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Exclusive Edition

Bottle Size Far Reaches Dry Gin 70cl, St. Giles 70cl, Tonics 200ml
ABV Far Reaches Dry Gin 41.3% ABV
ABV St. Giles 42% ABV
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We’re spoiling you with this fabulous English Gin, plus our Monster Mixer Pack packed with 30 bottles*! Get your hands on the modern masterpiece, St. Giles, plus all the tonic and mixers you need for your next #ginnightin. We have limited stock of this epic Gin Festival In A Box Cosy Nights In Exclusive Edition, so don’t miss out on this fabulous offer, once they’re gone, they’re gone!

St. Giles 70cl, 42% ABV

This fantastic, modern gin is juicy, citrus forward and beautifully balanced with a touch of spice.

Why St. Giles? As well as notoriously once being the location of many London gin shops in the 1700s, St. Giles is also the name of the historic road in Norwich where creator Simon and his family have their own 18th century shop!

Enjoy tangy lemon and a hint of cardamom on the nose with notes of light spice and biscuit. This develops into a smooth citrus palate, with a hint orange sherbet, that increases and lingers for a tasty finish.

6 x Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water 200ml

A light well balanced, tonic water, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water is a crystal clear beverage with subtle citrus notes and a very pleasant and refreshing dryness.

6 x Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water 200ml

With delicate bubbles and gentle citrus aromatics, Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water is well balanced by quinine and a low level of fruit sugars. A lower-calorie tonic water, perfect for a guilt free G&T!

6 x Fever-Tree Sicilian Lemon Tonic Water 200ml

Made with the finest quality Sicilian lemons (the best in the world!), Fever-tree Lemon Tonic Water is sharp, bitter and delightfully zesty! The small, champagne bubbles coupled with the sharp Sicilian lemons is bright and tasty.

6 x Fever-Tree Ginger Ale 200ml

A silky smooth beverage that makes full use of a blend of carefully sourced gingers from all around the world and soft spring water. Unencumbered by sticky sweetness, this is a light ginger ale with a touch of citrus, ideal with spicy gins.

6 x Fever-Tree Premium Lemonade 200ml

Made with soft spring water and natural sugars Fever-Tree Premium Lemonade is delicious enough to stand by itself. It is also excellent with Gin Fruit Liqueurs.

* Please note, tonics and mixers may be subject to change.

If our Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Exclusive Edition is out of stock check out our continental inspired Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Limited Edition!


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