Sipping on Summer Cosy Nights In Edition
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Gin Festival


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Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Edition



Gin Festival in a Box Cosy Nights In Edition is perfect for unwinding, with 1 Gin, 7 Mixers & Glasses. To share or not to share, that is the question…

There are 9 fantastic options, each includes, 1 Gin, 7 Mixers and 2 Glasses, see further information at the end of the page.

Find a golden ticket in one of our Gin Festivals in a Box to win you and a friend access to every Gin Festival for the next 12 months!

Over £45 of gin goodies for only £35!

Boe Violet Gin 70cl ABV 41.5%

Garnish with Blueberries | Pairs best with Classic Tonic  

Enjoy a soft burst of violet, lavender and blackcurrant on the nose followed by faint juniper, apple and blackcurrant on the palate. Closing with a medium finish reminiscent of apple and blackcurrant cordial. Experiment and try with tonic, in a cocktail or with rose lemonade.

Burleigh’s 70cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Orange Zest or Wedge of Pink Grapefruit | Pairs best with Classic Tonic

Incredibly smooth and balanced, perfect for a classic G&T. An initial hit of dry juniper is swiftly followed by pine, eucalyptus and citrus. There are very noticeable spicy and floral notes in the background with a long parma violet, pine and eucalyptus finish.

Sanction 50cl ABV 43%

Garnish with Pomegranate Seeds | Pairs best with Classic Tonic

Heavy and captivating on the nose, earthy and sweet on the palate, this brand new gin combines both sweet and bitter orange peel with a variety of herbs and roots and a hint of cardamom. A complex and mature flavour with a lovely full body and a long finish.

Tinker Gin 70cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Pear | Pairs best with Light Tonic

Refreshingly light and fruity, Tinker is a unique small batch gin. British made, Spanish style and the perfect choice for a Gintonic. A fresh and innovative gin, Tinker is brilliantly light with well-rounded berries and gentle sherbet, a contemporary classic.

Over £40 of gin goodies for only £35!

PJ Gin Apple 50cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Apple | Pairs best with Classic or Light Tonic, or Ginger Beer

This is an incredibly aromatic, fruity gin, which is very accessible, light and sweet. Green apple bursts onto the nose, then coats the palate with a crisp, fresh taste which fills the mouth and leads into a lasting finish.

PJ Gin Dry 50cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Pink Grapefruit & Mint | Pairs best with Classic or Light Tonic, or Rose Lemonade

A beautifully clean, straightforward, piney, dry gin. Fresh traditional juniper comes to the fore before being tempered by warming citrus and the lightest touch of spice. This gin is designed to be experimented with, try with tonic, in a cocktail or with rose lemonade.

PJ Gin Elderflower 50cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Red Pepper & Ground Black Pepper | Pairs best with Classic Tonic or Rose Lemonade

Gloriously fresh and floral, citrus tones cut through sweet elderflower for a smooth drink that goes down a little too easily! This is a soft, mellow gin, dominated by perfumed elderflower on the nose and fresh lemon tones that give it a lively kick all of it’s own.

PJ Gin Raspberry 50cl ABV 40%

Garnish with Mint and Raspberries | Pairs best with Classic or Light Tonic, or Rose Lemonade

Gorgeously fruity, with the dry gin perfectly balanced by the sweet, summery raspberry bursting through. Beautifully tart fruit explodes onto the nose, developing into a sweeter, almost jam like raspberry on the palate, with a long finish full of fruity flavour.

What's gin without tonic? We've added 7 mixers to the hamper so you can sample the wide range now available:

1 x Fentimans Premium Indian Tonic Water 200ml

Made with a blend of herbal infusions and lemongrass extract this is a refreshing drink that pairs with gins across the board. With a complex combination of juniper berry, kaffir lime leaves, lemongrass and orris root; its lingering flavour is both dry and lip-smackingly lemony.

1 x Fentimans Naturally Light Tonic Water 200ml

The world’s first botanically brewed light tonic water is made using a recipe based on Fentimans Tonic Water and with 30% fewer calories it is guilt free too! The distinctive citrus flavour works beautifully in a G&T.

1 x Fentimans Rose Lemonade 200ml

Made with pure Rose Otto oil from the world-famous Rose Valley in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. This is delicate and aromatic with a light sweetness and the juice of real lemons, delicious enough to drink on its own or beautiful with any light and aromatic gins.

1 x Franklin & Sons Natural Indian Tonic Water 200ml

Originally established in 1886 and sold from a family confectioner’s shop, Franklin & Sons Tonic is light and fresh with a good measure of bitter quinine and gentle lemon citrus. It makes a crisp and refreshing G&T.

1 x Franklin & Sons Natural Light Tonic Water 200ml

A low calorie blend of sparkling spring water, lemons, quinine extract and reduced sugar. The lemon shines through, making a beautifully refreshing G&T.

1 x Distillers Original Tonic 200ml

Designed to showcase the G in your G & T. This has a subtle flavour, low sugar and low carbonation. Quinine is balanced by a refreshing lemon and lime zest for a sharp, tart tonic that's ideal with almost any gin.

1 x Distillers Dry Tonic 200ml

Designed to showcase the G in your G&T. Clean, crisp and very dry; with less carbonation and sugar. Quinine is balanced with zesty lemon and lime for added refreshment. The end result is a very clean and dry tonic that's superb with classic London Dry style gins.

2 x Gin Festival Copa Glasses

What's gin and tonic without a glass? These stylish and practical copa glasses featuring our iconic logo are ideal for any "gintonic." The large bowl captures the aromas of the gin while leaving plenty of room for ice and garnish. The stem keeps your hands away from your drink, keeping it colder for longer. Please note: The Brockmans Edition comes with 2 x Brockmans Copa Glasses, all other editions come with Gin Festival Copa Glasses.

Please note: Further T&C's apply see here for details.

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Sipping on Summer Cosy Nights In Edition