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Gin Festival in a Box City Explorer

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Gin Festival in a Box City Explorer Edition tells the tale of 4 cities, with over £25 of gin goodies for only £19, it’s the perfect gift for gin lovers.

Find your new favourite with this limited edition City Explorer and go on tour to London, Durham, Manchester and Newcastle. We’ve popped in 4 Franklin & Sons Tonic Waters, 2 Te Tonic Infusion garnishes and stirrers so you have everything you need to make the perfect G&T. Treat your best gin buddies or yourself before they’re gone!

Please note: The packaging is not branded with the ‘Gingle all the way’ text. Further T&C's apply see here for details.

D1 London Gin 5cl | ABV 40%

Garnish with Mint | Pairs best with Classic Tonic Water

Get started with the multi-award winning D1 London Gin, gorgeously modern and brilliantly complemented by the unusual choice of nettles. Quintessentially British in both flavours and aromas, it has continuous juniper which is joined by lightly sweet orange blossom, lemon zest and a heavier, pine-like citrus. An almost savoury greenness comes through from the nettles and coriander leaf and melds perfectly with sweet summer berries. This is a beautifully smooth and balanced gin.

Durham Gin 5cl | ABV 40%

Garnish with Lemon | Pairs best with Classic Tonic Water

Then travel north to Durham Gin, a small-batch, craft distillery, who hand make their gin with a care you can taste in every mouthful. Durham Gin has a calm but complex nose, slightly floral with hints of juniper, elderflower and pink peppercorns. There is a mix of beautifully traditional gin flavours: orris and angelica, with some hints of cardamom. Nuanced citrus notes arise from the fabulous mix of orange and lemon rinds and coriander seeds.

Manchester Gin 5cl | ABV 42%

Garnish with Pink Grapefruit or Orange Peel and Rosemary | Pairs best with Light Tonic Water

Next stop: Manchester Gin to visit Seb and Jen, they met over a G&T and now make a gin motivated by love: romantic, of the north and, of course - love of gin! Manchester Gin is a fantastically northern spirit, that makes great use of a classic combination - dandelion and burdock. Beginning with a solid, citrus lead, perfectly balanced between the sharpness of lemon and a softer orange flavour. The dandelion and burdock quickly come into play generating a soft but noticeable earthiness, before a long, almond finish.

Newcastle Gin 5cl | ABV 43%

Garnish with Hibiscus Flower or Pink Grapefruit Peel | Pairs best with Light Tonic Water

Finally, journey to Newcastle Gin, where they understand that good things come to those who wait. Made on-site at Bealim House bar, it takes over 78 hours to lovingly create a single batch of this light, floral gin. The distillers use a combination of age-old techniques, including maceration and vapour infusion, then add Newcastle city water to take down the final spirit from 85% to a pitch perfect 43%.

The ‘T’ for your G&T

4 x Tonic: 2 x Franklin & Sons Original and 2 x Natural Light Tonic Water 150ml

The lemon shines through these light and crisp tonics plus a good measure of quinine for a beautifully refreshing G&T. We’ve also popped in 4 stirrers so you can get the mix just right.

2 x Garnish: Te Tonic Orange Energy and Red Passion Infusions

These botanical teabags are a fabulous Spanish creation that infuse gorgeous new flavours into your G&T. Just leave the ‘teabag’ in your glass of gin for 2-3 mins!

Orange Energy is bursting with citrus and cinnamon. This festive, flavour combo is ideal in gins with a pronounced spiciness like Durham Gin.

Red Passion is packed full of berries with a hint of hibiscus and apple. Sweet and rich, try pairing with your Newcastle Gin for a softer, rounder and more aromatic drink.

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