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Geranium Gin

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Geranium Gin is a light and floral London Dry Gin that perfectly blends with a wide variety of mixers.

Hammer & Sons Geranium Gin is the delicious and ingenious creation of Henrik Hammer, an accredited IWSC Gin judge, and his father, hence the name.

Equal parts history, science and magic went into the creation of Geranium Gin, which was inspired by the father & son team’s desire to produce a gin that was dry and aromatic, suitable for both dry mixers like tonic as well as fruitier or sweeter fare.

Henrik aimed to create a classic London Dry, centered around juniper first and foremost, which covered the dry aspect of his spirit. The aromatic elements came from geranium and was inspired by the plant’s historical use in medicinal tonic drinks alongside juniper and angelica (another common gin ingredient). Henrik reasoned that if these botanicals were so often combined together then they almost certainly had complementary flavour profiles.

Geranium is an exquisite London Dry Gin whose botanicals, unsurprisingly, include geranium. A clean fresh palate, rightly led by juniper with strong citrus and aromatic tea-like floral notes adding to its considerable complexity. This gin blends fantastically with both sweet and dry mixers.