Garden Tiger

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Garden Tiger

Distilled in

Cirencester, England

Garnish with

Blood Orange


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Garden Tiger

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With 34 fantastic botanicals, Garden Tiger Gin is an exceptionally complex and well-balanced spirit.

Inspired by the breathtaking nature of the Cotswolds, Capreolus Distillery seeks to capture and display the essence of fruits and botanicals in stunning spirits: British eau de vie and gin. The distillery is named for the Capreolus Capreolus, the Roe Deer, as a reminder of the fleeting beauty and wonder of the wild.

Using an incredible mix of 34 carefully chosen botanicals, Garden Tiger Gin is floral yet fruity with fabulous woody, pine notes at the fore. A very modern gin made by combining two traditions (the production of eau de vie and of gin), blood orange and mulberry have a prominent place while pear, lime and gentle spice linger in the background.