Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic

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Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic

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Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic balances gorgeous tart lemon aromas with a good bite of quinine, a delight with sloe gin!

Originally established in 1886 and sold from a family confectioner’s shop, Franklin & Sons make a range of handcrafted, premium tonics and mixers. They are delicious either as an accompaniment to a finely crafted spirit or as an enjoyable soft drink for the more mature palate. Using Ecuadorian cinchona bark extract, sparkling Staffordshire spring water and British sugar, Franklin & Sons have created a light and delicate tonic water.

With a really refreshing bite from the bitter quinine and premium lemons, married sublimely with the fresh spring water Franklin & Sons Sicilian Lemon Tonic makes for a delicious soft drink on its own. However, it marries well with sweeter or more citrus led gins and is a revelation combined with sloe gins.