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Dorothy Parker

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Submitted on 2016-02-11

A very good gin that is worthy of being named after the great Dorothy Parker. This is a little bit on the sweet side; bright and floral but dry enough to hold its own in a gin and tonic.

Dorothy Parker Gin

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Fuelled by a desire to rejuvenate the ethereal perfumes of distillation in New York City, the New York Distilling Company began producing their own range of fantastic spirits. They made a conscious decision to place quality over quantity and are rightfully described as ‘craft’ distillers.

Named for the inimitable Dorothy Parker, literary wonder and sterling drinking companion, this is a floral gin that never loses sight of the juniper whilst managing to maintain the identity of each of the other botanicals. The hibiscus petals and cinnamon come through gracefully on the nose and carry through to the main body where they are met by juniper, elderflower and citrus notes.