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London Distilling Company

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London, England


Elderflower tonic


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Dodd's Gin

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Made using organic botanicals, and at almost 50%, Dodd's Gin is a robust and impressive spiced gin.

Made by The London Distillery company who trace their lineage back to 1807 and Ralph Dodd. A failed entrepreneur, Ralph Dodd had a vision to produce best quality spirits without any adulteration. He never achieved his goals but the current London Distillery Company are keeping his vision alive with the aid a proprietary distillation method and sate of the art cold vacuum still.

The high ABV makes Dodd's a distinctly robust gin, with strong pine forward flavours along with other bitter flavours such as black tanins and green cardamom. There is a strong spicy finish enlivened by the juniper. This is a fantastic spirit for a G&T!