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Dingle Gin

Dingle Gin

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Dingle Gin

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Dingle, Ireland
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It’s all about Ireland this month! We’re celebrating St Patrick’s Day with the gloriously Irish Dingle Gin, full of crisp, local flavours. With 2 gorgeous Dingle Gin glasses, plus 6 tasty tonics for FREE*, treat yourself and your gin buddies, sláinte!

A real taste of Ireland, Dingle Gin is brimming with local botanicals including rowan berry, bog myrtle, fuchsia, heather and hawthorn.

The Dingle Distillery is a staunchly independent spirit maker from Dingle in the southwest of Ireland. Working to rekindle independent distilling in Ireland, they started producing their artisan spirits in 2012.

Dingle has an aroma of pepper and freshly cut grass on the nose with a crisp and floral character that balances wonderfully with spicy juniper, coriander and herbal notes on the palate. The finish is light with a hint of pepper, delicious.

Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water 200ml x 3

A light well balanced, tonic water, Fever-Tree Indian Tonic Water is crystal clear, with subtle citrus notes and a very pleasant, refreshing dryness.

Fever-Tree Naturally Light Tonic Water 200ml x 3

Delicate bubbles and gentle citrus aromatics are well balanced by quinine and a low level of fruit sugars. A lower-calorie tonic water, perfect for a guilt free G&T!

Dingle Gin Glass x 2

What's gin and tonic without a glass? This stylish Dingle Gin Glass, featuring the Dingle Gin logo, is the perfect shape for a gorgeous G&T. The large bowl captures the aromas of the gin while leaving plenty of room for ice and garnish. Plus, the stem keeps your hands away from your drink, keeping it colder for longer.

*Offer ends 31/03/2018. Only available whilst stocks last.



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(based upon 3 reviews)

Orange, not lime!

I was recommended this gin by an Irish couple that I got talking to on holiday. I ordered a bottle but really wasn't blown away it, it wasn't really to my taste. I put lime in it as suggested by Gin Festival but then I recently saw Dingle advertised on FaceBook with an orange and black pepper garnish. I'm not sure the pepper does much but the orange absolutely transformed the flavour of the gin to something much tastier and much closer to my tastes. Try with both, I guess lime is suggested for a reason, but, for me, the orange made all the difference.

So glad it's easily available now

Last summer we spent time in Galway City. In one of the many bars we frequented we asked for an Irish gin, barmans choice. We were so happy to discover Dingle Gin.
I am unable to pick out the individual botanicals. I'm afraid my palate has a much more basic way of categorizing food and drink. This Gin falls into the 'pretty Damn good' category for me. The problem was that when I came home I struggled to find it again, even online. In one small year since discovering this Gin it has won a Gold World Gin Award and has thankfully become more readily available.
So pleased with this finally obtaining this Gin I couldn't part with the empty bottle. It's now filled with little fairy lights and is a focal point of our little home bar.


Wow!! The gin tastes amazing!! With the fever tree tonic and the stunning glasses we relaxed and drifted away with the hint of pepper and holiday aromas!! Recommend this Gin to anyone who loves holidays!!