Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy Premium Aged Gin

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Cartagena de Indias, Colombia

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Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy Premium Aged Gin

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The classic Colombian Gin, Dictador Colombian Ortodoxy Premium Aged Gin, was inspired by frequent trips to England and regular tastings of gin!

The original Dictador, Severo Arango y Ferro, was a strong, powerful man sent out to the Spanish colonies to collect taxes. Whilst in South America, he fell in love with rum and became a key trader of sugar cane spirit. Many years later, a descendant of his reinstated the family business and named it for the Dictador.

A desire to create a gin with a Columbian heritage has brought forth a perfectly astringent, sweet and tart gin with piney aniseed, fresh pepper and lemon. Aged in rum barrels and using a sugar cane base spirit. Berry-like flavours join alongside ginger and cinnamon. Simply stunning!