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Da Mhile Seaweed Gin

Da Mhile Seaweed Gin

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Da Mhile Seaweed Gin

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Da Mhile
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Infused with seaweed; Dà Mhile Seaweed gin is rich, yet light and the perfect accompaniment to seafood!

Dà Mhile is the first organic, farmhouse distillery in the UK; pronounced da-vee-lay, it is Gaelic for two thousand, denoting Savage-Onstwedder’s desire to create a spectacular and organic drink to commemorate the new millennium. Whilst the first spirit produced was a whisky, Dà Mhile quickly began creating a wonderfully Welsh range of gins.

Infused with seaweed, the heady mix of herbs is the first striking element of this gin; fresh bursts of lemon and thyme combine with fennel, pepper and cardamom and just a hint of salt. The juniper balances so well with these various flavours that each of them has the opportunity shine. Full but delicately light, this is the perfect accompaniment to seafood!


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I hesitated a little at the seaweed gin - not a big fan but thought it would be worth a shot (literally). So pleased I did - this is the one that stayed in my mind at the festival and that I went home with at the end of the night. Great flavour and makes a nice addition to fish dishes wrapped and steamed (en papillote). Hoping to see it again at the next festival, will definitely get some more!!

Seaweed Gin is the Ronseal of Gins...

Do you like Samphire? Or shellfish? Or standing on a cliff and taking in great big gulps of Sea air? If your answer is no then this may not be the right Gin for you - happily, there's no need to worry; these days there's a Gin for everyone.

If you were to take a bite of Samphire and a mouthful of Gin simultaneously; you'd get a low-fi version of this complex beauty.

I've paired this with scallops and pea puree as part of a Gin matching dinner party and this was one of the highlights.

I love this Gin - it's subtle in Juniper, big on Seaside memories - yet happily glances sideways at saltiness and waves - it tastes clean and has a light mouth feel. It's really versatile and works well as a sipping Gin in a glass with some ice for company. It makes a great twist on a Martini and the dilution with Vodka (particularly Bison Grass), is nothing short of epic.

Worth mentioning the Da Mhile (pronounced Da Vi-lay) Organic Gin is also a winner and is in it's way akin to the 1st album that got them noticed - this is the quirky 2nd album that made you go see what they can do playing live.

Something a bit different, definite hint of kombu so not suitable for some traditional gin cocktails but a good aperitif to seafood.