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D1 London Spirits

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D1 Gin

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D1 Gin is a luxuriously modern gin, brilliantly complemented by a master tea blender’s unusual choice of nettles.

Blending craft distillation with contemporary art, D.J. Limbrey Distilling Co. has created a range of luxury spirits - D1 London Spirits. The founder of the company, Dominic Limbrey, has a passion for spirits and a background in design; his aim is to combine craft, quality and innovation across a variety of mediums, hence the use of the work of the artist Jacky Tsai.

Beautifully smooth, D1 Gin has continuous juniper which is joined by lightly sweet orange blossom, lemon zest as well as a heavier, almost pine-like citrus. An almost savoury greenness comes through, presumably the nettles, and melds perfectly with summer-like berries.